King Island Tours

King Island Coach Company is your number one tour operator on King Island, headed up by Matthew Archer, a 5th generation King Islander. With his team of tour guides who have a passion for their Island home they will expertly guide you through the island, its history, industry, and its people.

King Island Coach Company can facilitate a tour for any group and interest. We specialise in history, farming, culinary taste, beverage experiences, sightseeing or a combination of everything combined - no group too big or small.

King Island Coach Company has been hosting tour groups on King Island for some of the largest tour companies in Australia. We put together the ultimate King Island tour experience, also catering for one day cruise ship visits and air tours. Through multi-day tours, some examples of our tour experience itinerary are noted below.

King Island Coach Company is a specialist in big events and has been proudly supplying the tour experience part for the King Island Long Table event for the past 5 years. It also hosted the tour and transport element for the EU delegates and ambassadors visit to King Island in January 2020, just to name a few. Our team has a passion for giving your group the best King Island experience they could possibly provide.

Glimpse of King Island Day Tour

Glimpse of King Island is a day tour aiming to give you a fantastic overview of our beautiful island in a single day. It includes visits to wetlands, beaches and bays, Cape Wickham light house, King Island Kelp Craft, Naracoopa, Grassy and more.

4 Day King Island Tour

Our suggested 4 day itinerary offers a much more in depth insight into our island. It will no doubt keep you entertained during your stay, as well as learning much about the history and lifestyle on King Island, and sampling some of our gourmet food.